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Do you remember what your Grandparents told you about their childhood? Or maybe you just never heard their stories? 

What if your grandchildren never hear yours ..... ever?

Take the "what if's" out of the equation.  Tell me your story today to put in print for you to leave behind for generations to come. 

Do you miss someone so much, you would pluck a star from the sky to be able to see them again?  

Do you love your kids but they don't understand just how much? 

Let me put your feelings into a poem for that incredible someone.

Why Would You Do This?

What if I could write your story, 

Before you're sadly missed?  

Then you will truly know,

You've been Butterfly Kissed!

My Services

  • Biography of your life or event 
  • Short stories based around your photo's
  • Children's stories with them as the main character. 
  • Individual family memoirs
  • Personalised poems

Can I help?

Life is a journey

We cannot guarantee our future, however we can make sure the future remembers us

It can change in an instant

Creating a personalised story or poem to give your loved ones is a life time gift

Tell your story for generations to come

This book will be your footprint on the world.  This is your time to be heard!

Still need some convincing?

Don't regret the past, learn from it

Telling your story can be an uplifting moment for some people.  Mistakes are life lessons.  At the end of the day, this is your stage and you are the star. Make it real, make it funny, but just make it.

Simple things are often the greatest treasures

Watch a child read about themselves in a book.  It raises their sense of worth and self esteem.  Watch a grandparent's face transform reading the words about how much you loved them. Watch them proudly pass your story around for everyone to look and read ......

You are worth being heard

Tell your story. You are worth it!  You don't want to leave this world without stamping your foot down and saying "this is how I lived, loved and laughed". You didn't live to be forgotten.

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It's your story, your life. Tell it.

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